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We’ve worked with campaigns from school board to President, in crowded blue primaries and deep red states. Our ballot initiatives practice has helped expand Medicaid, raise the minimum wage, reform criminal justice, and protect voting rights.


We have unparalleled expertise developing both broad-based and issue-specific narratives. A narrative is more than messaging, it’s the “story of your values.” A narrative informs all your organization does and says – and a strong narrative can change how the debate gets framed.

Key Audiences

When an audience is harder-to-reach, that’s often a good sign they’re especially important to hear from. We’ve done extensive research with key audiences for progressives - low-propensity and unregistered voters, women from all lifestages, LGBTQ+, Black, Latinx, AAPI, and Native American voters, and young people from Millennials to Generation Alpha.



Online journals that provide unparalleled candor, depth of exploration, and richness of insight.

Focus groups that draw out opportunities and obstacles clients face, and the emotional reactions and body language of target audiences.

"Jury-style” groups that give you a real-time window into how voters formulate arguments and change their minds.


Benchmark and viability polls to lay out a path to victory.

Message and attack-response tests to give you a robust and detailed toolkit for that path.

Tracking for when you need to update strategy – coupled with a willingness to tell clients when tracking isn’t really needed.

Ad testing designed to understand why something works or misfires– so you don’t settle on “safe” because the great got tossed out along with the bad.


Message training for you and your staff.

Handbook creation to distribute to coalition members or other organizations with aligning goals.

Ongoing integration services to help keep every move you make grounded in the data.

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